Wildwuchs Festival

In Mai I was a part of the watch&talk scholarship program during the Wildwuchs Festival in Basel. We watched all events as a group, talked to the directors and artists, exchanged our views and shared experiences from our own artistic practice.


The structure of family life has always evolved, but in recent years it has developed enormously. Today the images, ideas and rules of families are often very different. Together we developed a piece to give children from the age of four an idea about this topic, in a colourful, creative way.

Wer hat Angst vor Virginia Woolf

I have the opportunity to study the classic by Edward Albee. As Nick, I'm a successful careerist, with an astonishing desire for the humiliation game to which George and Martha invite me.

Premiere: 09.11.2019

Further information, dates and tickets can be found here: www.rlt-neuss.de

Since this autumn I am living in Düsseldorf and work at the Rheinisches Landestheater in Neuss. Furthermore, I research opportunities to develop new creative potential in rehearsal work in the theatre and plan my own new projects.

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