The Who and the What

Eli grew up in an environment characterized by racial discrimination. He was heavily influenced by the teachings of the late Malcolm X, when he found his way to a liberal Islam, where he felt more enabled to campaign for an equal world. In this play he marries Zarina, who writes a critical book about the Prophet Mohammed. Its publication will have far-reaching consequences, even within their family.


I play Marc, a boy who just graduated from High School and has no plans for his future. His parents are worried about their only child, until Selma appears in Marc’s life. Everything seems to go well, until at his parents' wedding party Marc confesses to them the fact of Selma's pregnancy. 

Premiere April 26th

Wildwuchs Festival

In Mai I will be a part of the watch&talk scholarship program during the Wildwuchs Festival in Basel. We will watch all events as a group, talk to the directors and artists, exchange our views and share experiences from our own artistic practice. 

Further information, dates and tickets can be found here:

With the rehearsals of Wunschkinder under director Cilli Drexel this theatre season comes to an end. I had the privilege to only play leading roles this year. For this I am really grateful and happy. The next season will be just as exciting. I will tell you more about it soon!

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